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Juki is one of the world’s leading SMT placement companies with over 25,000 machines installed worldwide and is the pioneer of the modular automated assembly line. Juki has built it global image with a combination of top quality and high reliability machines and a reputation for world-class service and support that result in the lowest production costs for our customers.


Mirtec machines

SAR1300 Mono Smart


Intelligent Storage System

Increase your capacity by 100% and use 20% less footprint with the ultra flexible and easy to integrate UltraFlex 3600. Owners of the new system will not have to compromise anymore on storage mix because of predefined configurations or expensive customizations, thus optimizing their storage capacity and investment.

  • Simultaneous Extraction and Insertion of up to 27 Reels at a Time
  • Integration into SMT line
  • ESD Compliant