A complete line of Entry Level Placement Machines, Modular Assembly, High Speed Chip Shooters to our newest High Speed Compact Modular Mounters. Hybrid Machines offer Placement or Insertion of both surface mount and through-hole components. Juki offers a complete line Solutions. We offer it all for a one stop shop! 



Nordson SELECT

Selective Solder. Low Cost Manual and Automatic  Selective Solder Machines Using Mini Wave and No-Lead Titaniun Solder Pots. From Connector Rework Systems to Inline Pass through Conveyorized Systems. Lead Tinning Machines for leaded devices, QFP's and Flat Pack components.


Reworks systems, BGA,QFPCSP QFN and more.


Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems. Conformal Coating Systems. Batch (Selective) and Inline.


 AOI, Advanced Vision Inspection solution: Desktop and In-Line AOI Machines. Windows Based. Easy Programming, Pre and Post solder Inspection,Optical Character Recognition, Automatic Teach Tool, low false call rates. “Rules” based systems for Solder Joint Inspection.


 NU/ERA Wave Soldering Equipment.  Computer Controlled, Internal or External Fluxers. Batch Washers. NU/Clean InlineWash Systems. Open. DI Water Systems, 18" & 24" 


Manufacturer of extremely accurate and  reliable SMT Convection Reflow Ovens Convection Oven. Now High Temperature for Lead Free.


Soldering Iron Systems and tips.


 Electronic Materials. Lead and Lead Free Solder Paste, Wire solder, Bar Solder, Underfill and Adhesives.


Batch Stencil Washers, Solderability Testers, Cleanliness, SIR Solder Paste Analysis



 Air Purification Systems for Process Exhaust Fumes From Hand Soldering Stations to Reflow Ovens, Wave Solder, BGA Rework, solder pots, Laser and more.


MicroCare is the industry leader in fast, efficient, safe and cost-effective cleaning of PCBs and equipment on the SMT assembly line.


SMD X-Ray Scanner, Automatic Component Counter


Automatic and manual Programmers


Robotic Contact Point Selective Solder Systems.


PCB Handling Equipment. Conveyors, Magazine Loaders,Stackers and a wide variety of other Board Handlers.


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